Hygienic Policy

As Always

The safety and security purpose of our Guests and our team members, which we call our family, remains our top priority.

Due to the developments around the new Corona Virus (Covid -19).we can to ensure your travel safety and offer maximum flexibility.

Our facility has set a new standard for hotel cleaning and disinfection, with improved food safety, To ensure that guests enjoy an even cleaner and safer stay.

Health and Hygiene

This standard of operation will be developed with experts from reliable brands that safely disinfect the surfaces,together with experts from the ifection prevention and control team, and also will advise and assist in strengthening the cleaning and disinfection protocols of the Algora Halal Hotel.

At our facility, we are constantly improving our high qyality housekeeping and hygiene standards using hospital grades cleaning products and upgraded protocols. Our operational standards will include reliable cleaning products, solutions and staff training especially for childrens.

Our hygiene and safety process is as follows:

  • Medical mask distribution at the entrance of the facility, Fire measurement and acceptance of facilities with new technologies.
  • Must follow the method of social distance of our guests in all common areas.
  • Special door lock system to prevent entry after the room is cleaned and disinfected.
  • Extra disinfectant procedures and traceability records of the 10 most touched areas in the guest rooms such as lamp switches, door handles, taps, toilet seat covers.
  • Establishing disinfectant points that can accessed by guests in the lobby,pool,restaurant,meeting hall,children’s play and entertainment areas, especially in check-in, check-out and busy social areas and increasing the frequency of cleaning.
  • Reduction of paper and pencil type materials in the rooms (such as notepads and guest guides).
  • Improved cleaning of food and beverage, catering sections and meeting areas and other changes.
  • Periodic evaluation of new technologies such as disinfectant mist,electrostatic sprays and UVC lamp to sterilize all kinds of surfaces and articles.

Staff Measures

We are a family and we know that we have the sole duty to ensure the health and safety of our staff as well as our guests.

With this approach,our employees are provided with training and reinforced training with the business protocol developed by declaration of the occupational health and safety law.

our staff will be given the oppurtunity to start providing services after improved hygiene stages such as facility entrance and exit fire measurement, hygiene mats and hand disinfection.

We are proud to maintain the highest standars of cleanliness and hygiene.

As a precautionary measure for the coronavirus, we will continue to take additional measures we have developed in consultation witth local public health officials to further refine our cleaning and hygiene protocols.

The limitation of travel in many parts of the world these days,we promised to relive you a unique holiday experience to provide you with maximum comfort.

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Sağlık ve güvenlikle ilgili ilave önlemler


  • Personel, yetkili yerel makamlar tarafından belirtilen tüm güvenlik protokollerini uygular
  • Yazılı menüler, dergiler, kalemler ve kağıt gibi paylaşımlı kırtasiye malzemeleri kaldırılmıştır
  • Konaklama birimlerinde ve başlıca alanlarda el dezenfektanı bulunur
  • İlk yardım kiti mevcuttur
Temizlik ve dezenfeksiyon

  • Koronavirüse karşı etkili kimyasal temizlik malzemeleri kullanılır
  • Çarşaflar, havlular ve çamaşırlar yetkili yerel makamların talimatlarına uygun şekilde yıkanır
  • Konaklama birimleri her yeni konuktan önce dezenfekte edilir
  • Konaklama birimleri temizliğin ardından kapatılır
  • Konuklar, konaklama birimleri için sunulan herhangi bir temizlik hizmetini iptal etme seçeneğine sahiptir
Sosyal mesafe

  • Nakitsiz ödeme imkanı
  • Sosyal mesafe kuralları uygulanır
  • Uygun alanlarda personelle konuklar arasına yerleştirilmiş paravanlar veya koruyucu bariyerler mevcuttur
Yiyecek ve içecek güvenliği

  • Yemek yeme alanlarında sosyal mesafe uygulanır
  • Yiyecekler konaklama birimlerine teslim edilebilir
  • Tüm tabaklar, çatal bıçak takımları, bardaklar ve sofra takımındaki diğer parçalar sterilize edilir
  • Kahvaltı için paket servis kapları kullanılır
  • Teslim edilen yiyecek güvenli bir şekilde paketlenir